Get Involved

Find your active place in ministry

Sometimes it is hard to figure out how, when, and where we want to volunteer our time in the church. Here at Resurrection Church-Hickory, our mission is to help you find your active place in ministry.

Ministries at Resurrection Church-Hickory:

The Accounting Team is involved with church finances

The Building Maintenance Team ensures the building is up to date

The Communion Team ensures that communion is set up when needed

The Facility Use and Rentals Team takes care of reservation booking

The FCP Ministry Team connects individuals to become a part of our church body

The General Cleaning Team ensures the facility is clean

The Graphic Design Team designs graphics for multiple platforms

The Guest Ministry greets guest and ensures personal connection outside of the church

The K4J Ministry teaches and plans activities for the younger generation

The Little Lambs Ministry watches over toddlers in a safe environment

The Media Outreach Team uses social media to minister and to engage with individuals outside of the church

The Music and Arts Ministry uses performing arts to glorify God in numerous ways

The Office Assistants assists with daily church tasks

The Projection Team uses software to present visual media on stage

The Service Facilitators speak to allow a smooth transition between different parts of service

The Sound and Lights Team uses software to create a phenomenal experience during worship and service

The Special Events Team coordinates events in and out of the church

Fill out the information below and we will contact you and help find your active place in ministry.